lists example sentences for a variety of words.

The example sentences are drawn from public domain texts written by the authors listed below.

[1] Darwin, Charles, The Descent of Man.
[2] Tolstoy, Leo, War and Peace.
[3] Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Medical Essays.
[4] Warner, Charles Dudley, various works.
[5] Twain, Mark, various works.
[6] Holmes, Oliver Wendell, various works.
[7] Lincoln, Abraham, various works.
[8] Howells, William Dean, A Hazard of New Fortunes.
[9] Churchill, Winston, various works.
[10] Ebers, Georg, various works.
[11] Parker, Gilbert, various works.
[12] Dickens, Charles, The Old Curiosity Shop.
[13] Grey, Zane, Riders of the Purple Sage.
[14] Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn, Life of Charlotte Bronte.